Drugs & Trafficking in the News

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7 thoughts on “Drugs & Trafficking in the News”

  1. Hi Guys,
    My topic is on Human Trafficking. The first article talks about how the issue of human trafficking is much more closer to our homes, than we realize. Some of the interesting information I got from this article was how the trafficking industry is growing tremendously. The estimated number of people that get trafficked into the United States annually is 17,500. The article also stated that the average girl that enters commercial trade is between 12-14 and for boys 11-13. These numbers were very shocking as well as disturbing to me. I think lot of us believe that trafficking is only done in the developing countries, where citizens of those countries are not financially secured, however this articles proves those theory wrong. Trafficking has been such a fast growing industry, that even the developed countries are having a tough time catching up to it.


    The second article I found gave detailed information on how women and children get trafficked. The article provided some stats such as “women and girls make up around 95 % of victims of sexual exploitation”, which is a huge number. One of the most important information I received after reading this article was that most victims can/are recruited by their partners and family members, and they do this by offering them a better life (ex- jobs, home). The articles states that most victims are women and girls, because in many societies they have fewer life options such as men and boys (education and jobs), that’s why they are more vulnerable to trafficking.


    1. Im glad we found human trafficking to be an important issue. This problem spans the globe and in almost every city in the world. What i found interesting is how the families and friends either sell them or trick them into being trafficked. Its a sad topic but an issue that lurks in plain sight we just don’t notice it.

    2. Hi, ok so in an article I posted a victim talked about her father and what he did to her and her sister, I just thought she was a victim whose father happened to do horrible things to her, but reading your article, you made me aware that in human trafficking it is very common for family members to just sell their daughters or partners and why they do this.Very sad.

  2. Hello,
    My topic is human trafficking; I read some interesting facts regarding my topic that are disturbing. Human trafficking is one of the world’s fastest growing black market operations. It is a $32 billion dollar industry with victims in almost every country. An estimated 27 million individuals fall victim to the trade. Human trafficking is primarily motivated by either forced labor or commercial sex acts. Victims have been sold to traffickers for their virginity, to pay of debts, and forced labor as slaves to name a few. Their families and those close to them sell a lot of the victims for money; they are also kidnapped and tortured into it, or taken advantage by traffickers promising a better life. What was shocking is that over 100,000 children are in the sex trade within the United States. Only 31 countries are in compliance with the international Trafficking Victims Protection Acts. Human Trafficking is a big issue and people do not realize that is occurring around them in every city they live in.


    Another article I found was about how the Super Bowl in the United States is a large attraction for people who partake in commercial sex acts. Law enforcement across 17 states apprehended almost 600 people and rescued 68 victims being trafficked. Last year they saved 25 children and arrested 45 traffickers, they are small numbers but a growing recognition of the problem at hand. There are so many people that provide business to the sex traffickers that they can’t stop providing the service. Anyone that has access to the Internet can order services from a pimp who will provide a sex slave and pocket all the money. These sites are what everyone uses to buy and sell goods like Craigslist. This is another example of how close to home this issue is and kids are victims as well in such a brutal industry.


  3. Hi Salim,

    I guess you and I have the same topic :) . I think this topic will be quite interesting. When I was reading through your article I was quite shocked with the number of people that are being trafficked, who are mostly young girls. This has become a huge business for traffickers because they are able to make profits right away.

    1. Hey! thanks for the info, I was searching for articles but I read yours first and I can’t tell you how depressing and disturbing it is to know how many girls are being trafficked,especially to know the ages of these girls as well, You made me aware though even though it is sad to read and search more about it.

  4. http://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/category/human-trafficking/?_r=0

    Hi all! the article above is about human trafficking and it tells us alot about what goes on and how girls are lured into this. In general we already know what human trafficking is, it basically like the process of turning an individual into a slave for profit of course and it involves recruitment,transportation ,provision, and owning a child or woman for sexual and labor services. In the above article I read about one girls experience and it was very depressing.In the article we read about victims and there was a part in there where their own father was involved, and another part on how a man lured a certain victim.But what caught my attention the most in this article was when they talk about sex trafficking in America. They state that the victims in the article are often marginalized girls of color and no one really cares about them but if a white girl went missing, it shows up on national news.That makes it even more depressing.I am looking more into this as I can’t believe how unfair this is.And in this second article, it takes us back to the girls that were kidnapped (200 Nigerian school girls by ISIS sold and sold as slaves and forced to be brides) I think we all remember that one right? I also find out in this article how traffickers are not really afraid of being prosecuted because alot of countries do not enforce their laws.Some traffickers don’t even get convicted.


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