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Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on. What is the organization’s mission? What populations or communities does it serve? Who is involved in the work? What strategies does the organization use? Discuss what  you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing. Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.

Your post is due by Wednesday, April 1, at 1pm, and your replies are due by the following week.

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  1. The organization I am working with is Canadian Women’s Non-governmental Organizations. The organization is interested in gender and the global issues. It is a non-governmental organization based in Canada with its branches in more than 20 nations worldwide. Established more than ten years ago, the organization seeks to improve the living standards of the women and especially the young adolescents. The organization has various centers within the country (Canadian Women’s Non-governmental organizations, 2015). Many other problems are solved through a variety of the available solutions.
    The mission of the organization is to reduce the increasing cases of gender issues experienced in the upcoming generation. This is achieved by becoming the voice of the voiceless. The organization seeks to be an active system, which defends the equality of the existing sexual groups. Through the organization, gender rights and justice are promoted. The organization seeks to meet all groups of people. However, women and the homosexuals are given great attention. This is because women are viewed as weaker sex and hence looked down upon by the men (Eskridge, 95). There is gender fairness in some of the public offices. Women have thereby become victims of these actions. For instance, women have been openly segregated in the political offices while they can equally hold some of the offices. Homosexuals are not recognized in the society (Jones, 57). This occurs even in some of the public hospitals where the victims are to get adequate help.
    Majority of the workers are health care givers who have the burden of changing the society for the better. Volunteers are also invited to work with the organization. The organization applies the modern laws to emphasize the need for equality in the public offices. Through physical examples of women who have made it, the organization seeks to meet its target. The most interesting issue of this work is that many perceive women as weak yet great impact is felt from women (Jones, 102). The present society desires to develop yet it is looking down on women. This is a great contrast as women are the majority. Therefore, there is need to advocate for women’s rights in the society.

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    1. Duaa, I think that sometimes some people might think of gender inequality as something that happens in other countries, some not as developed as the US or Canada. But the fact that some ngos are not only based in these countries but they recognized that the problem is also a national one, shows that gender inequality is an ongoing global issue and not just something that is happening in developing and non-developed nations.

    2. I like the fact that such NGOs are willing to help the women not just in their own countries but rather worldwide. The issue of gender inequality and injustice is seen in many countries. I appreciate this organization for aiding and helping those women in need.

  2. International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is an international global institute whose mission is to enhance women empowerment, support the causes of gender equality, and prevent poverty in the developing countries across the globe. ICRW conducts research and build practical ways to find various ways to change policies and programs that could benefit the women in the developing countries. The headquarters of this institute is located in Washington DC, and the regional offices are located in Kenya, and India. Social scientists, demographers, economists and public health specialists conduct much of the research for ICRW and hence the come up with various changes that could be made to the women in the developing countries across the globe.
    I think overall, the ICRW works in every field and manner for the women whether it maybe education, poverty, child marriages, violence against women and such other major concerning areas in such developing countries. I find it interesting how the ICRW conducts thorough research to better understand the implications to the incidence of violence, for example. In this instance, they are trying to educate women, men and boys. ICRW rehabilitate the abusive men and protect the survivors of violence. They are also trying to find ways to amend and strengthen civil society, so more effective laws can be established to prevent women from suffering against such violence.

    1. Hi Seemaab:

      It is a good organization that worked internationally and target women, men.etc and priorities to advocate them especially in developing countries like India. I like that is not address particular situation to focus on, therefore is targting education, poverty, child marriages, violence against women which is so many aspects that each gender needs to focus and solve their problems.

    2. Seemaab, I think this is a great organization. I like how they both reach out to both victims and former oppressors. Educating boys is also important because the way kids are raised eventually influences them a lot. Their headquarters are also here in DC and since I would like to do an internship in the fall I will research more into this org. Thanks!

    3. I like that they do research to figure out what is the best form of change for that particular region. I wonder, however, how they help women on with a focus on so many different fields. Perhaps if it is a huge organization, they have a sector for each type like you listed above (education, poverty, child marriages, etc.). It is comforting knowing that there are organizations out there specifically to combat these issues.

  3. The organization that is working on the issue that I am researching is the Women’s Research and Action Group (WRAG). This is a non-profit organization and a registered public trust based in Mumbai. The organization defines itself as “a research and advocacy-group with a gender, law and human-rights perspective”. Its mission as stated on their website is to work with individual women, especially those in the marginalized sections of Indian society, to help them in improving their socio-economic and legal status within their families and society. They also work at policy-level intervention to change the climate in which these women live and seek to maintain accountability with regards to women’s human rights violations. As stated in their mission, this organization works with women from underprivileged and marginalized societies. The organization has a Board of Trustees, staff, consultants and some volunteers and interns that work for them. As donors, they also have several international agencies who have supported them. What I found interesting about this organization is that it takes on different approaches to fulfill their mission. They hold active public discourses, they have a community outreach program, internal consultations, etc. One concern that I do have, is that the latest post that they have on their site is dated January 27th, 2013. Which makes me wonder about their current and most recent activity in India, something that I will have to conduct further research about.


    1. Julia, hey. This seems like a good organization focusing only in India and concerning those parts of India where violence against women is at peak. I think organizations such as these should be active more publicly, which I liked about it, so as to raise awareness among the citizens. I think an organization like this one should be updating their website and events more, and I agree that you would need to further investigate that about this specific organization.

  4. Restore International is an organization founded by Bob Goff in 2003 after a trip to India. He witnessed the extreme violations to human rights including bonded labor, sex trafficking, and other forms of exploitation. Their mission is to fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice. They work in India, Uganda, Somalia, Iraq, and Nepal. Specifically in India, they attempt to combat trafficking through investigations, surveillance, brothel raids, and working with local law enforcement to conduct raids on brothels with underage children. Their strategy is to arrest traffickers and place children in safe houses. They operate through vision trips and also through donations. They offer people the opportunity to connect with people from other countries through a program called Engage that attempts to help lower the costs for education. I am interested in the results of this program. I have read in my research for my annotated bibliography that raids often are not as helpful in India as they may be in other places so I am interested to see the aftermath of the efforts of Restore International.

    1. Hi Amneet:
      Sex or human trafficking is being epidemic also the fastest and growing business of organized crime now days.Also, it is easier to make profit of that business this is the brighter side, however the darker side women is being rape and losing their dignity because of that especially in city of Mumbai in India. It is a great that the Restore International organization is attempt to fight against trafficking through investigations, surveillance, brothel raids, and working with local law enforcement to reenforeced raids on brothels and prostitution with underage children to move them into safest place.

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