Profiles of Organizations

Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on. What is the organization’s mission? What populations or communities does it serve? Who is involved in the work? What strategies does the organization use? Discuss what  you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing. Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.

Your post is due by Wednesday, April 1, at 1pm, and your replies are due by the following week.

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  1. The Organization is called “Maiti Nepal”, which is founded by Anuradha Koirala from Nepal. The organization mission is to focus on preventing trafficking for forced prostitution. It also works hands on with rescuing victims from such crime and rehabilitating them. It serves and has strong advocacy from the local to national and international levels.( Especially focuses on India, Malaysia, Bangladesh (etc.). The organization is also very active and continuously works with the justice system to help investigate and fight the legal battles to fight against the criminals. The organization was started by Anuradha in 1993, and has grown to nine locations in Nepal. It was started by a handful of conscious “professionals like teachers, journalists, and social workers” committed towards combating the social crimes. The organization uses non-violent protest, as well as the victims/ volunteers go to villages and small town in Nepal, and educate the citizens about the danger of being trafficked. The most interesting or compelling thing about the work this organization is that this organization gives girls who are victims of violence and trafficking a place called home. A place where they can restart their life and try to fix what was broken. “Maiti” in Nepali means a place where a girl is born “Her birth home”, therefore this organization gives the girls a home to stay and build their skills so they can stand on their feet. They are also counseled and provided education on health, laws, and basic reading and writing. Another important note is that the organization also won the “CNN hero of the year” award in 2010.

    1. Hey, this is organization is similar to mine in helping to rescue these girls from their enslavement and offers a form of rehabilitation for them. I think i have watched a documentary about this organization on the Discovery channel once but focused in Malaysia. They do a great and noble job and i support their value that educated people human trafficking will help put an end to the problem.

      1. Hello! I would say the organization you found is almost the same as the one I found, it is really nice to know that there are organizations like this going outside of the U.S. I mean I know they exist but I always thought human trafficking would not be a huge issue neither would saving the victims considering what I read in the first artilce I posted (Traffickers don’t get convicted)

  2. The issue of human trafficking specifically sex slave trafficking is the worlds largest growing illicit industry. While doing research I came across a very interesting organization that is more hands on the most of those looking to stop human trafficking. It is called Operation Underground Railroad, its mission is to bring awareness to shadow business of sex trafficking especially that involving minors. Its second mission is to be hands on and in the field bringing down the sex traffickers where ever they may be. The organization seeks to help all sex slaves that they can reach in the United States and abroad where the US government has very little jurisdiction. People who believe in putting an end to sex trafficking, which the organization calls its supporters abolitionists, fund it. They are a team of ex CIA operatives, navy seals, off the book operators and skilled volunteers called the jump team. They work closely with international government agencies to ensure the traffickers they bust are prosecuted. The organization uses well-planned hands on operations to catch the traffickers and they also work to find a better life for the minors they do save. What I like about this organization is that they are very hands and in the field doing as much as they can. They can save about 50 children with every operation given the funds they have. They are also very active in raising awareness and funding so that they can take down as many traffickers as possible. The founder who worked for the CIA and Home land security pointed out that when the United States goes in to save trafficked individuals it is only when US citizens are involved. His model is to go in and save everyone without jurisdictional interests. If there could be an organized effort to help all those found during anti trafficking operations there would be less helpless victims. There would also be greater fear form the traffickers to operate because international jurisdiction on trafficking cases wouldn’t be so rigid. Operation Underground Railroad is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to conduct the operations; they have saved 100’s of children. In such little time one skilled man and his team began doing what entire departments in agencies are dedicated to do. What’s surprising is that the organization was created on January 1st 2014, receiving endless media coverage and recognition for their work.


    1. Wow Salim,

      I had never heard of this organization before. It seems like a very good organization, which is already making so much impact on the lives of many. I was quite amazed that the organization was formed just last year. I can’t wait to look more into this organization.

      1. Hi Salim,
        you are right, similar to mine.You know, just like Alisha I am also amazed that this organization was established last year, and I am just here thinking to myself where was I or what was I doing because seriously guys, I feel so unaware that these things are happening..organizations involving the CIA navy seals FBI makes me realize how serious this issue is.

  3. Girls on A Journey program is an organization that focuses on aiding and helping sex-trafficked and sexually exploited girls. This program is associated with Youth for Tomorrow (Founded by Joe
    Gibbs).Youth for tomorrow established this program back in 2008 with the intentions of providing trafficked and sexually exploited girls a safe environment to help them recover mentally and physically which is a very important step to regain their lives and move on from the nightmare that they have gone through. The program components include therapeutic behavior management, counseling, therapy for the girls and their families and protection and partnership with the police and FBI etc. (as listed on the site) the partnership with the Police and FBI really caught my attention because it amazes me that they still play a role in this organization as the victims recover for a while as I thought they were just saving and referring victims to programs like this.This organization is almost to good to be true actually as they offer almost everything from a place to stay, education, and specialized recovery.These facilities are located only here in Virgina and the Mid Atlantic region.Reading through the site I learned that there are 14 human traffickiung centers here in the U.S. and D.C. area is one out of the number of centers.Also I found out that human traffickers were convicted here in Northern Va. in the last 2 years.This information has shocked me in away because I feel so unaware of what is happening in the area I live in.I read story that one victim shared on after youth for tomorrow saved was a really sad story with a happy ending and it makes me happy there are organizations out there trying their best to help exploited girls. Donations to this program is used to fund for the victims education and since 2008, 50 girls have been helped.

    1. Hey, I like reading about this organization, it is very similar to mine but with a rehabilitation focus. What i found interesting is the incidents of human trafficking in northern Virginia and i looked a little more into it. Also DC seems like it would have a big human trafficking problem given its powerful status, sex slaves would be highly sought after.

  4. Hi Karrie,

    This is a quite a interesting read. I can’t believe as well, that we have traffickers in Northern Virginia. You kinda realize how a serious a crime is when it hits home. I enjoyed reading your post, and I will definitely do more research on this organization.

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