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Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on. What is the organization’s mission? What populations or communities does it serve? Who is involved in the work? What strategies does the organization use? Discuss what  you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing. Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.

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  1. The water project is going to different countries that are in need of fresh clean water. They are fund raising to install wells in different areas of Cambodia. The mission of the water project is “The Water Project brings relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation. Providing access to clean, safe water helps capable and determined people realize the hope they have for their own futures” (the water project). Everyone that is involved in the group are volunteers. You can become a member, start a fundraiser, and get your own church involved in the water project. It looks like they are getting people from schools, churches, and anyone that is interested in helping. They are a nonprofit organization. I like how you can get a free start up kit with no obligation. They like to show lots of great and heartwarming pictures and videos using graphics. The pictures generally say “Anything you donate will help.” You can also go on the website and buy t-shirts or other merchandise to help contribute to the organization. I believe that being on social media also helps the project’s cause and like the fact that they go all over the world to provide clean water to people. I think it’s amazing that they are trying to give back to the community by reaching out to everyone of all ages.

    1. It sounds like they have a lot of outreach and have good strategies to get a lot more support. I was a little confused as to what a ‘water project’ is, but it makes more sense on the website. I liked that they promise to map every project and report the results of the project to the donor every time. I was also impressed that they seem to offer long-term tracking of the wells, to improve continued maintenance, which is nice.

    2. Hello Sofia,

      How does The Water Project work? When you create your own start up? I think their mission statement is great. It will help to build clean water wells.

      1. hi!
        they basically fundraise money. it really cool they will give you a free start up kit. I recently requested one I have not received it but once I do I will let you know what is in it!they go into different villages once they raise enough money and build the people wells. the only thing I honestly think might be an issue is the people do not have a lot of money so im concerned they will not be able to keep up with the wells.

  2. Voices for Vaccines is an organization of parents, alongside a “scientists, doctors, and public health officials”, (of whom they list by name in their About section as their Scientific Advisory Board). Their mission is, as they describe, “to offer parents reliable resources for evidence-based vaccine information, as well as to give parents who vaccinate a chance to speak up about their choice, to communicate with their legislators, and to act as resources for their peers.” It is largely built on parent-to-parent discussions, and something that I found compelling is that they encourage story-telling and the sharing of experiences, since they acknowledge that the anti-vaccination movements unfortunately employ very skillful use of storytelling – something they acknowledge is very persuasive with parents. Thus, they make available a way to share stories and experiences that would advocate for vaccinations, and share them on the website. One of the stories I found on the site was of someone retelling how it was having a sister who in the 60’s (pre-vaccination era) had suffered from measles encephalitis, and was comatose for five weeks, then suffered from life-long complications after recovering. It is a compelling story since many of us are born in generations that were largely protected from measles, thanks to the vaccine, so many of us don’t have personal experience with the disease, and anti-vaccination websites try to down-play measles to be completely tame, and try to propagate the idea that vaccinating for measles is worse than the disease is.
    This organization does a surprising amount of outreach, (as can be found in the ‘tools’ section of the website) to include printable handouts, they have conference calls with the “movers and shakers of the anti-vaccine movement” and archive all of the conference calls, they offer a ‘parent advocate toolkit’ for people to host their own events – including handouts and documents, and offer numerous other things for education and outreach. Overall, they seem to be very well organized, and have a multi-faceted approach to their goals. I was impressed by the scale of their organization (for example, one part even offers links to volunteers who organize playgroups – to include kids who are immuno-compromised, to be able to be assured that their kids will be protected – by being surrounded by kids who are all vaccinated.) I also found it compelling that they hold conference calls monthly with the anti-vaccination movement.
    The link to the website is here:
    I found it through a link for a listing of credible pro-vaccination websites and organizations listed here:

    1. Hi!
      My friend actually takes her son to party that are full of viruses ( like chicken pox’s) so he get it. I find it kind of odd. She thinks it builds up his amuse system. I had the chicken pox shot back in the day so I personally have not had it ever. I personally think that children and adults should we vaccinated.

    2. Hello Anita,

      Wow, that’s really interesting. Its like a marketing campaign in a way. Parents are more compelled by something they can connect to, so Voices for Vaccinations was created. I didn’t know that the anti vaccination movement was based on individual stories than on evidence.

  3. Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on.

    The organisation I chose is the World Wide Fund for Nature formerly known as The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Their mission is to help conserve the world’s environment through various means.

    What is the organization’s mission?

    Their mission is to stop environmental damage by ensuring the use of natural resources is sustainable, promoting the reduction of pollution, and conserving the ecosystem.

    What populations or communities does it serve?

    The WWF has had 13,000 conservation projects going on around the world since its conception. I will focus on their work for The Amazon. One project the WWF has created is the Amazon Keystone Initiative. Its aim is to structure the WWF Brazil through Italian support. This project implements on the ground conservation efforts in the Brazilian Amazon. It provided funding for the Amazon Region Protected Areas. It helped to add 10 million more protected hectares and gave better resource tools to manage 20 million hectares of already protected lands. The goal is to establish The Protected Areas Endowment Fund. This fund will help to provide financial backing to the newly created protected areas. That way, they will able to be managed.

    Who is involved in the work?

    There are many groups involved with The WWF. Some of the financial support comes from The EU, USAID, KFW Banking Group, The Swedish Agency for International Development, and even The World Bank.
    They also partner with many different organisations from all over the globe.

    What strategies does the organization use?

    They partner with local people, governments, and other NGOs to raise awareness. The WWF Brazil helped begin teaching sustainable environmental practices in schools. They worked with teachers to develop the activities. They created a network for companies to create a market for sustainable forest products. Its called the Global Forest and Trade Network. They also helped the create The Forest Stewardship Council, which labels products that come a responsible forest.

    Discuss what you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing.
    I think The WWF is interesting because they have so many different projects. They’re involved with many issues around the globe.

    Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.

    1. Hi,
      I like how there mission is to stop environmental damages. I also like how they are trying to resolve issues all around the world. I think this is a good topic. I liked reading your post, good job.

    2. Hello, I remember the WWF from the 90’s when I was a kid . . . I like their strategies – but I like even better that they are funding protected areas in the Amazon, and also working to manage the protected areas and keep them protected. I liked your summary on their strategies and their profile overall.

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