Profiles of Organizations

Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on. What is the organization’s mission? What populations or communities does it serve? Who is involved in the work? What strategies does the organization use? Discuss what  you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing. Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.

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  1. International Labor Organization is the organization that is working on the issue that I am currently researching. This organization was created in 1919, as part of the Versailles Treaty to promote social justice. Additionally, this organization’s mission is to bring peace and prosperity to labor populations and the business organizations while caring about the human and labor rights. Furthermore; this organization serves in the regions of Latin America, Europe, Central Asia, Arab States, Africa, Asia and the pacific.
    What is most compelling to me are the strategies of this organization to act on their mission. This organization brings together workers, employers and the government to discuss and come up with policies and labor standards that fulfill the needs of workers and employers. By bringing these three groups together, International Labor Organization establishes a Social Dialogue. Moreover, International Labor Conference, the Governing body and the Office are the three main components of this organization through which the work is done. This organization calls these three components Tripartite Constituents. There are representatives and experts present at these conferences to facilitate and help make policies that are effective yet that fulfill the needs of labor and the business. Programs such as management development, vocational training and occupational safety and health are some of the programs that are promoted in these meetings.

    1. Hi Lalah,
      I think this organization is a perfect-fit for your topic. If I remember correctly, you mentioned that your focus will be more on women and labor so it will be interesting to see if the organization has programs specifically to train women and promote women labor rights. I like how the tripartite constituents come together and create a social dialogue, it is very important in trying to resolve or promote anything. Overall, it seems like a good foundation for your proposal.

      1. Hi Lalah, thank you for sharing about the ILO. It’s great to hear about an organization that tackles labor issues at a more broader angle. ILO certainly seems to implement strategic plans and actions to advocate labor rights and help laborers that are being exploited. It was interesting to read about ILO’s Social Dialogue, and how its used to bring together workers, employers and the government.

  2. I chose International Labor Rights Forum as the model organization for research on exploitation of migrant workers in context of globalization. International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) is a non-profit advocacy organization, dedicated to preserve rights of workers around the world. Its targeted areas of advocacy are working conditions in sweatshops and child labor. ILRF was founded in 1986, and its mission is to advocate rights to safe working environment, where all workers are “treated with dignity and respect, and where they can organize freely to defend and promote their rights and interests”. It further explains its goal to “develop practical and effective tools to assist workers in winning enforcement of protections for their basic rights, and hold labor rights violators accountable” (International Labor Rights Forum).

    ILRF mainly advocates for the working poor, women, and children. It partners with labor unions, consumer activists, religious and community-based organizations, human rights organization, and student groups around the world to build transnational campaigns that helps the workers directly. Currently, ILRF has what’s called the Five Strategic Campaigns in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. Its 3 main strategies which are 1.) Corporate accountability in global supply chains, 2.) Developing and enforcing trade policies 3.) Worker-driven organizations and solutions.

    For me, the most compelling work ILRF is doing is the Bangladesh Garment Factory Safety Campaign. The campaign seeks to hold corporations accountable for exploiting the working poor in garment industry by neglecting their rights to safe work environment and fair wage. The campaign began as a social movement to seek corporate accountability and fair compensation for the workers who were injured and killed in the garment factory collapse accident in April 24, 2013.

    International Labor Rights Forum’s website can be found at

    1. Sarah,

      I enjoyed reading your post. Also, it was good to learn about ILRF and its objects. As you mentioned about the five strategic locations, I think labor rates are also high in these countries and need more assistance of ILRF. Furthermore, Bangladesh is one of my great interests while talking about the labor rights, so it was great to learn that ILRF is doing such great work in Bangladesh.

    2. Hi Sarah,

      I found the organization very interesting and am glad there’s an international organization that is fighting for the children and women who are being exploited for their labor. A lot of times corporations are not held accountable and innocent lives are lost as a result of their negligence. I took a look at the website and like how they are active on social platforms!

  3. United for Peace and Justice works around several major areas related to recent wars. UFPJ serve as a network of hundreds of peace and justice organizations around the US and world. It is clear that this organization is not only serving for peace within the US but also gains support from peace organizations around the world. Their mission is to end war and oppression and shift resources toward human needs. There are approximately 1400 member groups all around the world working on a broad range of issues but recently the focus has been the around opposition on both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want to grow a culture of justice, peace, equality, cooperation and respect. They have key program focuses in sites like Iraq and Afghanistan where they are leading solidarity actions within member groups to call for the withdrawal of troops. Moreover, they also focus on war funding and military spending of the US in general.
    The organization relies heavily on working towards legislative change. In particular, their Legislative Working Group allows for effective congressional coordination than other antiwar activities. Their approach includes informing as many citizens as possible and getting them to pressure their congressmen into cutting military spending and redirecting it to domestic needs. People can join this working group and receive information about varied initiatives that are being implemented.
    The organization is harnessing the public to demand demilitarization and redirection of resources to human needs and environment. It is also pursuing solidarity actions by reaching out and building relationships with labor, environment, and immigrant right communities to collaborate and connect the community. I think this is an interesting approach and the group-level as it’s creating a bigger network in which people are becoming more educated about the effects of war and military spending. Building a strong and resistant network in other realms like labor and immigrant rights communities help shift the focus to broader development if we were to shift our priorities from military spending.

    1. I liked the organization you picked because I liked how they focused on peace and see that their voices are heard and changes are made by pressuring congressmen. I think in this day in age the U.S. spend a ridiculous amount of time and money focusing on war and military when that money could be used to help the domestic needs, such as medical care and education. Like you said I think their approach is definitely unique but can be effective if people who are informed and educated about the government spending, use that information to pressure their congressmen.

  4. sorry posted it on here:

    I chose FAIR, which stands for Federal for American Immigration Reform. It’s an organization that’s located in DC and its mission is to improve border security, stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest according to their website. They also want to inform the American people on how immigration affects the U.S. and to advocate immigration policies that will serve American environmental, societal, and economic interests now and for the future. On the website it states that they have more than 250,000 members and supporters nationwide, whose membership ranges from liberal to conservative. It serves the community as well as academics and government officials. FAIR states, “national and international media regularly turn to us to understand the latest immigration developments and to shed light on this complex subject. FAIR has been called to testify on immigration bills before Congress more than any organization in America”. FAIR claims to serve the interest of the American people. Strategies the organization use is by being proactive and going on talk shows and being interviewed regarding immigration. They also testify before Congress on immigration-related legislations. Daniel Stein is the President of this organization and is an attorney who previously worked for 35 years in immigration law and reform. Julie Alexrod is the government relations counsel and Mellisa Bradley is the membership services coordinator. What I found interesting about this organization is that they have a lot of support, they currently have 294,582 FaceBook likes and seems to be very proactive in their mission. They also seem to be getting a lot of media exposure, and were interviewed by CNN, ABC, NBC, New York Times, etc.

    Website link:

    1. Hello Sharon!

      It was great to learn about FAIR and its focuses of services. Also, I like that this organizations considers both liberal and conservative perspectives in their team of members. It is hard to come to a conclusion with both; however, it can be done by discussions. Moreover, it is always great for any organization to be active through social media to raise awareness about the issue that they are working on, which I see that they actively do. Thanks Sharing! :)

    2. Hi Sharon,
      I really enjoyed reading about this organization, I learned something new today. They seem to be advocating things that we all need to be informed about to form a basis on how we feel about immigration laws in the US. I like how you stated they advocate by informing the effects of immigration in different realms of society and I think its very important to consider this before forming an individual standpoint.
      Thanks for sharing!

      1. Hey Sharon, thanks for sharing about your organization. Like Lalah said, I also like how the organization approaches the issue of immigration from both liberal and conservative standpoint. FAIR seems to encourage dialogue between the two political spectrum to come up with the best approaches to immigration. It’s great to hear about an organization that strives to shed light on the issue both nationally and internationally, and how it actively engages with the congress.

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