Social Movements & Culture

Post a link to some example of cultural production (art, film, music, or some other form). Write a few sentences to explain what you think is interesting about it, and how it connects to your research topic. Comment on two of your group members’ posts as well.

Your link and sentences are due by 1pm April 30th, replies by the following week. Two places to get you started:


6 thoughts on “Social Movements & Culture”

    This satirical comic is interesting because it shows the ironic nature of how racism has evolved. Originally white people blatantly took advantage of black people (slavery, Jim Crow laws). Now that these have been outlawed racism has evolved into more invisible forms that people do not even realize. The idea that helping people of color would be reverse racism stems from the influence that neoliberalism has on people and the idea that failure in the system are the fault of people themselves, not the inherent flaws of the system.

    1. Satirical comics often stir up alot of trouble. Interesting topic and nice write up. The idea of reverse racism is interesting. Assisting those of color as a way to payback the harm done in the past can help, but it is almost like a constant reminder of the harm done in the past and its as if we can never move forward from it. Reverse racism, sure, but will society ever move forward and not hold it against everyone that wasn’t even a part of it is the real concern.

  2. Yes, this whole blog remind me of American apartheid which
    are economic, political, and social segregation. It is a legal system of segregation based on race. You explain this blog very well. I like the images in this satirical comic blog. It is very funny and tiny.


    Many senior citizens is generally, disconnected from the world of digital tools physically. They are scare of technology and many senior citizen lives
    unattached from internet, iPad, and mobiles. I think this video is very funny, and it links back to my topic Anti technology.They also struggle with watching any stuffs
    online because of their severe vision loss.

    1. I think this video does a good job of showing the common sentiment of seniors towards technology. They grew up without it and see it as something they don’t need, just another expense.

    2. Senior citizens having to get part time work have a real hard time understanding all the latest technology. The people who often use their smartphones for coupons or advertisement information that could mark down items cannot find help with senior citizens. Also, it keeps them disconnected with the world around them in the event a major event happened.

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