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Post a link to some example of cultural production (art, film, music, or some other form). Write a few sentences to explain what you think is interesting about it, and how it connects to your research topic. Comment on two of your group members’ posts as well.

Your link and sentences are due by 1pm April 30th, replies by the following week. Two places to get you started:


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  1. is a website created by a community of artists in the U.S where they market their artworks. The organization is headquartered in US, 65 Bleecker Street, in New York Drawings touching the whole spectrum of topical issues in the society form a significant percentage of artwork on the site. There are several interesting things about the pictures published there. Most of the drawings are touching on the daily issues affecting the communities where the artists live. The messages in the images are clear even for those who know little about art (Boddy-Evan, 2014). The entity has numerous artworks from different artists all over the world art.
    A good example of an image from the website is titled I’ve Been Good to Me ( The artwork was done by Mickalene Thomas. It shows a seated beautiful black woman in stringed sleeved dress, with most of the body parts exposed. She has long black hair, heavy make ups and high heeled shoes. The photo is a best illustration of how gender and sexual objectification of women is portrayed in the society (Boddy-Evan, 2014). The choice of the colors, themes and background makes the work original.
    On the other hand, there are several photos from this site captured through a camera. The photos come from people of diverse cultures hence making the pictures unique in their artistic and creative dimensions. They show the uniqueness of aspirations of different people. These photos were in various exhibitions all over the world. They connect to the global gender issues in that they advocate for social change towards a just society. The photos are interesting as they are an illustration of how the world can be brought together by art (The Telegraph, 2015).
    Boddy-Evan, M. (2014). How to Critique a Painting. Retrieved on 19h April 2015 from
    The Telegraph. (2015). Art Reviews. Retrieved on 19th April 2015 from

    1. Hey Duaa,

      This is a good painting of female empowerment and sexual identity of a woman. Her shiny glistened dark skin shows power and authority. I feel this is a good depiction of female objectification , because the rich colors in the painting makes the woman stand out more naturally in it.

    2. Hi Duaa, I think the beauty of art is how subjective it can be. While some might see the painting as female empowerment, others might see it as female objectification. What gets me the most is the title ‘I’ve been good to me’, it just makes me wonder what it is that the painter means by this, and also if its a self-portrait.


    Since my topic cover violence against women in India and Pakistan; this particular post contributes to all parts of the world. The link will take you to a set of paintings from a Mexican “painter” named Alberto Penagos. He isn’t a formal painter, but he had depicted these set of paintings which initially covers the worldwide violence on women. I think his paintings are very strong and it shows how women bodies are abused and used.

    1. Seemaab, I think the artwork does a good job at portraying the women who are victims of violence. What I like the most about his artwork is that most of the women are either faceless or their faces are not completely showing. I like this because it shows how dehumanizing it is for these crimes to go without any actual law enforcement participation, especially with the cases of the women in Ciudad Juarez. Hundreds of them have disappeared and neither the Mexican government, or the American one (there is evidence of US govt participation) is doing anything about it,

  3. Hi Seemaab:

    It is outrageous how these painting expressing the cruel aspect of violence that victimized especially women no matter their race, gender or color. Sadly enough, all his painting is addressing violence and abusive of women and how they being treated in her community .

  4. Below I have posted a couple of websites that portrayed the
    ritual of Sati. The practice of Sati is when a woman self-immolates after her husband has passed away, this practice is said to be prohibited in India, but there have been instances where it is still practiced, especially in the rural areas. I chose this as a cultural aspect because I found it to be compelling and it also relates to my research. Sati is something that has been widely criticized in Western nations because most people see it as a violation of human rights. However, as with any other aspect of society, Sati is controversial and not always seen as a violation of human rights. This brings the question whether human rights should be universal or should adapt to the cultural context in which the individual resides.

    As seen in the painting in the BBC website, the mood of the image is dark and grimly, however, if taking a look at the site (specifically speaking about Item #P021), the women portrayed in the painting does not look in pain. If anything I would say that she looks peaceful. It is also important to keep in mind that the first painting was made by a British guy, while the second is from an Indian man. This might make the paintings slightly biased, but that is up to you guys to decide. The last link I included is by an artist called Karin U. Soika, in it she wrote about her experience when traveling to India in 2001. Her work, at least for me, is more open to discussion, especially after seeing the other works that depict what Sati is to some people. Soaker’s work is abstract, leaving more room for the viewer to give a more personal input and reaction to them.

    Here are the links:

    1. Hey Julia,
      I think I have heard of this concept before. I think it is just terrifying and horrible what a widow has to do in order to remarry. I mean sleeping with the grave of her husband in order to remarry. It just blows my mind. Also the whole concept of Sati seems very surreal, yet people do perform this ritual.

  5. Hi Julia:
    It is a cruel behavior that they done for women especially if she was widow. I can’t imagine my self how they will do such a thing. I felt that Sati is a form of suicide toward women who is condemned by a religious behavior.

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