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Post a link to some example of cultural production (art, film, music, or some other form). Write a few sentences to explain what you think is interesting about it, and how it connects to your research topic. Comment on two of your group members’ posts as well.

Your link and sentences are due by 1pm April 30th, replies by the following week. Two places to get you started:


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    A film i have watched a couple times that i found very interesting is Taken which stars Liam Nesson. It centers around a mans daughter being kidnapped while on vacation in Europe and forced into the world of sex trafficking. I found this film interesting because it illustrates the complex and large system of those that traffic human beings. Also how the traffickers cater to the wealthy men buying these girls with any kind of girl they would like. This directly relates to my topic because it involves the trafficking of children and teens mostly girls to those wealthy enough to purchase them on the black market. Also relates to my topic question on how does the black market successfully traffic people globally in some detail.

    1. Hey Salim! good choice, I love the movie! and guess what? after watching that movie I stopped wanting to travel so much (I used to travel all over all by myself) this movie opened my eyes to the dangers in foreign countries.Drug trafficking, hey as long I dont have drugs on me I am fine, but to be somewhere far from home, yeah you are right that is dangerous and scary.

    2. Hey Salim,

      I have not watched the movie yet, but I am very excited to see it. I heard its a very good movie and it shows the reality of selling kids in the black market.


    I am posting this short clip, this class has taught me more on Drug and Human trafficking. To be honest, before I took this class I knew nothing about marijuana or any drugs.I just always perceived it as a bad thing and left it at that. But now I know alot more and it reminded me of a drug trafficking situation that had saddened me a couple of years ago. I am half Filipino and I know what it is like living in a poor country. In the clip 4 Filipinos smuggled drugs into China (one country you should not mess with) and they were executed. I remember watching the Filipino news on this and some Filipinos facing the lethal injection did not know that they were going to be executed until they unexpectedly met with their families who visited them in the prison in China through the help of the Philippine Vice President. It is very obvious how this relates with my topic, and it also shows that drug trafficking happens everywhere and for the same reason as discusssed in class.Money. These Filipinos underestimated China’s laws. Just because both countries are in Asia does not mean the level of strictness and leniency are the same.

    1. This is a great video Karrie. I learned a lot about your topic due to our group project. I think drug trafficking is a very dangerous crime, however lot of us are not greatly aware of it. I think all countries need to be on top of these crimes. If one country is less strict than I think lot more problem arises, as well as corruption starts to emerge.

    2. Hey Karrie, this is a very interesting video and a lot of people don’t realize that in some countries it is lethal to get caught. I have read many stories where traffickers were killed in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries because they have a zero tolerance policy. I don’t think people should be executed for smuggling but it is a good deterrent.


    This is 2010 CNN hero of the year. I think this is a great video, because this women came from a small town in Kathmandu Nepal. She started Maiti Nepal 22 years ago, with couple of doctors and nurses to help women that had been trafficked to neighboring countries such as India and Bangladesh. This is relatable to my topic, because it talks about human trafficking and how she has worked for last 22 years to educate, bring awareness to the society that has very little to no education, and are financially unstable. Throughout the years, she has met many children’s that were sold by their parents for extra money, or to put extra food on the table. Ms. Anuradha Koirala won CNN hero of the year in 2010. She has grown her organization all over the Nepal, which has helped many many families and victims to get back on their feet.

    1. Hey Alisha, thanks for posting this.I like seeing and reading something positive for a change. I know our topics can be deperessing at times but this one showed us that there are people out there who are doing something about it.

    2. Hey Alisha, thank you for sharing this video what an amazing woman. I was going to pick a man off of the CNN Heroes as well for this year who is active in rescuing child sex slaves. Its good to see that there are people out there that do everything they can to help.

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