Week 1 Discussion Prompt: Introductions!

In order to facilitate fun and informative class discussions, I want us to start by introducing ourselves.

In a few sentences (this post does not have to be 400 words), please tell us who you are and what you’re doing this semester – for example, other classes or activities at Mason, jobs, and/or community involvement. Also tell us something you hope to get from taking  this class.

After you have introduced yourself, please reply to TWO of your classmates’ intros. Your post and replies are due by 1pm next week.

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  1. Hello, my name is Anita Smith. I am a senior – working towards a BA in Global Affairs. As for my background – I worked for about nine years, including three years overseas in the environmental / hazardous materials field – and then decided on a career change (about the time I met my husband in Iraq) and moved here with him, then decided to go back to finish my degree. I currently work at the Wine Kitchen in Purcellville, VA now while in school (so stop by if you like wine). I am trying to wrap up my degree before we move at the end of this year to Madrid – which is my husbands next assignment for his job – which is exciting. I look forward to some good discussions in class and getting to know you all!

    1. Thanks for introducing yourself! I also look forward to interesting discussions in class and I have to agree with you that Madrid sounds exciting. I love to travel myself and while I have not being to Spain yet, it is on my list of travel destinations.

    2. Hey Anita,
      Have you spent any time in Spain? I’m very jealous you are moving to Madrid, I absolutely loved it when I was there. My family actually works in Hazmat back in Kentucky, so I would be very interested to hear about your experiences in the field.

      1. I have not been to Spain at all yet . . . and my spanish is very poor right now… so it will be an adventure, for sure. The Hazmat field is really limited – (and not at all glamorous) most people don’t know what it is so I would love to hear about what they do! Kentucky is a beautiful state – I take it you are from there?

  2. Hi, my name is Amneet and I am a senior. My major is Information Systems and Operations Management and I am pursuing a minor in Global Affairs. I currently work at Auxiliary Enterprises here at GMU and I am also a resident advisor. I am really looking forward to this class!

  3. Hi everyone,
    My name is Leticia De los Rios. I am a Global Affairs major, concentrating in Global Governance, and also a Criminology minor. I am graduating in the spring and hope to move onto graduate school right after. I am excited to take this class and learn more about the impact of globalization on different cultures of the world. I am also looking forward to the prison section at the end of the semester. This class is very diverse so I am sure the discussions and debates will be very eye-opening!
    Thanks for reading and can’t wait to get to know you all!

    1. Hi Leticia!

      I agree with you, the class seems very diverse. And for being the first class a lot of people participated, which to me means that it will get better as the semester goes.

  4. Hello, my name is Mason Pazhwak. I am a junior working towards a degree in Global Affairs. I am currently a full time student, though I also devote a great deal of time to research. Two semesters ago I did a three month internship in Kabul, Afghanistan where I was exposed to the field of international development, and I hope to continue working in this area.

    1. Hey Mason,
      That internship sounds amazing. Was it directly through GMU? I think it would have been really interesting to have been there through the run-up to the presidential election (I’m assuming you were there in Spring 2014).

    2. Hi Mason:

      Sounds interesting to get an internship and been to Kabul which is hard for me to go there because the country is not stable I mean Political .. Good for you at least you have an experience in such an environment..

    3. Wow – that is quite a place for an internship! My husband was there from around April ’13 to May of 2014. Maybe you were there at the same time . . . who was the internship with?

  5. Hi my name is Kseniya and I am a senior at Mason so this will be my last semester. Some interesting things about me are that I currently intern at FMC in DC and am originally from Russia.

    1. Hey Kseniya,
      I feel lucky that we could be classmates again for this spring and I am sure your internship is going well. Let’s enjoy the last semester at Mason!

  6. My name is Ryan and this is my second year at Mason. I am majoring in Global Affairs with a dual concentration in human security and the environment, I am also minoring in GIS. Other classes I am taking include Arabic, a CONF class, and two honors classes. I work at the GMU bookstore and play intramual soccer in my free time. I hope to get an internship with USAID or another organization that deals with international development or the environment. I hope to gain a better understanding about different cultures and how culture is a factor in promoting and/or inhibiting the process of globalization.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Good luck with your classes, especially Arabic. Arabic was one of the languages that I wanted to take in college, though I ended up choosing Russian instead.

    2. Hi Ryan,

      I think that the inclusion of environmental concerns in the planning and implementation of aid projects will be a significant future area of focus in that field. Best of luck!

  7. Hello Everyone, my name is Rachael. I am a senior, but graduating at the end of 2015. I am working towards getting my BS in Psychology and BA in Global Affairs. I am originally from California but moved to Austria 6 years ago and finished high school there. This semester I am concentrating on finishing lectures that I need in order to graduate. I am apart of a service organisation on campus, APO. I am also looking forward to great discussions and meeting everyone!

    1. Hi Rachael! I am originally from CA as well – specifically bay area – though I have lived most of my life in VA. It is definitely a beautiful place. I have traveled a lot but never Austria, hopefully I can at some point in my life. Good luck with classes!

  8. hello,

    My name is Lalah. I am majoring in Global affairs & currently work at NOVA as an HR assistant . Great to see all of u here today! Hope to have a great semester

  9. Hi, my name is Tabatha. I’m a sophomore majoring in Global Affairs, with a concentration in International Development and minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I grew up moving around frequently, but call Japan and Hawai`i home.
    On campus, I’m mainly involved with the Working Group on Displaced Populations, Social Action and Integrative Learning Office, and Mason Ambassadors. I also enjoy playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball.
    I look forward to our class, particularly discussions about colonialism, issues of sovereignty, military industrial complex, prisons….everything, really.

    1. Hi Tabatha,
      I am actually going to be visiting Japan this year for the first time! I am really excited to be going. I can not wait to hear from you in our discussions in class.

  10. Hello. My name is Seemaab. I’m a Junior majoring in English and my concentration is Cultural Studies, which is one of the reasons I’m taking this class. I have lived most of my life in Europe, Norway and Denmark. I have also lived in Japan. I have visited many countries and I think its been a great blessing for me to travel all around the world, and experience different cultures throughout my life.
    I am a full time student and along with that, I work part-time, and I also tutor elementary and high school students during the week.
    This seems like an interesting class and I hope to learn a lot.
    Nice meeting you all today.

    1. It must be amazing to travel to so many countries and experience the different cultures that come with them. I hope to visit as many countries as I can, including Japan, Norway and Denmark. See you in class!

    2. Seemaab,
      I indeed like traveling. It is great that you could travel all over the world and experience different cultures, that is my ultimate goal as well. You sound like you are very busy this semester, but I am sure you will do well.

  11. Hi, I’m George Saffouri, I am a senior at GMU and I graduate in May which I’m excited about. I am an IT Contractor for the Government and a Criminology Major w/ Homeland Security concentration. I enjoyed all my classes that I’ve taken in global affairs and do enjoy the field current events on my own research. I hope to learn about globalization and how interconnected the world really is.


    1. Hi! I really envy that you can graduate in May. I am a senior but since I am doing double minors, I need to take more courses during the summer… Anyway, good luck with your work and school!

  12. Hello!

    My name is Julia and I am a junior. I am studying Global Affairs, with a concentration on Global Inequalities and Responses, and Psychology. I am originally from Peru, but have lived in Virginia the past 12 years. I love to travel and to learn about other cultures. I hope to learn everything that the class and the rest of the students have to offer.

  13. Hello everyone!
    My name is Maggie and I am a junior in Global Affairs with concentrations in Africa and human security. I am originally from Kentucky, though I have also lived in California. I have been in Virginia for about three years and I currently work as a bartender. I’m excited about this class and hope this semester is a success.

  14. Hello everyone!
    My name is Julia Lee and I am a senior majoring in Global Affairs with concentration on Global Inequalities and Responses. I am also doing double minors in Business and Graphic Design. This semester I am taking a lot of courses and so I will be very busy studying and doing assignments all semester. However, I am ready to learn and I hope to gain deeper understanding about globalization and culture and broaden my perspectives through this course.

  15. Hi everyone:

    My name is Duaa Al Wahhabi from United Arab Emirates. This is my senior year and I hope to graduated next fall . I’m a full time student and major is Business Management and my minor in Global Affairs. I’m planning to get internship this summer in Embassy of United Arab Emirates.I hope after graduating next fall to pursue my dream to get into graduate school in Diplomacy major. I’m a vice-president in UAE club. I’m looking forward to get more information about colonialism and contingent labor. As well, Looking forward to know each person in this class :)

    1. Duaa,
      Thanks for introducing yourself. I am envious that you said you have an internship this summer with the United Arab Emirates, it sounds like a great opportunity.

  16. Hi my name is Sofia Kalaitzakis. I am 24 years old and I have a daughter her name is Ava she is a 1 & 1/2. I separated from my husband in may of last year and I officially get divorced in June. I work full time and I go to school full time. I am a senior and im majoring in global affairs. I currently live in Manassas, my parents watch Ava for me while I work and go to school its a nice system. I hope we learn about different cultures I LOVE learning about new things and different countries. I don’t do anything at school really, being a mom and working AND school is a lot. once I finish I want to apply to law school or maybe grad school im not sure yet.

    1. Wow Sofia, you seem to have a very busy life with a child as well as working full time and going to school. Good luck this semester :).
      I love learning about different countries and new cultures as well. Its really interesting and you gain so much knowledge by being exposed to another culture.

  17. Hello everyone,

    My name is Matt Strickler. I am sophomore majoring in Global Affairs with a minor in Russian. I was born just outside of Philadelphia, and lived there my entire life. In the future, I hope to study abroad in Russia. I expect this class to be every interesting since we have a diverse class, filled with many different cultures and perspectives.

    1. Matt,

      I’ve always wanted to go to Russia. I studied Russian for almost three years my self. Transferring to Mason really hurt my learning process, as they don’t offer proper Russian courses and my schedule doesn’t allow for me to take any classes outside my major. It’s upsetting.

  18. All,
    My name is Fardad Tabrizi, I am a senior at George Mason University majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economy and Management.
    I am interested in traveling worldwide and observing local traditions which help me to expand my understanding of regional morals and culture differences. I have traveled to many countries, but there are still many countries that I have not had chance to visit up to this point. I am passionate about cooking, and while I am staying in a new country I try to learn how to make at least one of their traditional cuisines. To name a few of my research interests they are history, politics, culture, and anthropology. I am hoping to expand my knowledge about globalization and different culture fundamentals in this class. I am seeking a position in the nonprofit field with a special interest in Human Rights after I graduate.
    I look forward to getting to know all of you and wish you a very best semester.

  19. Hello everyone,
    My name is Alisha Budhathoki. I am a senior at George Mason University. I currently work for an International Airline full time and attend school full time. Since working for an airline, I have been very fortunate to travel to different countries and be exposed to their cultures and values. Hopefully in future I can travel lot more. I am sure this class will go in details about cultures and how societies are shaped, and why they are shaped in certain way. I am really interested in a subject like this, and hope to gain lots of knowledge as well as meet people that have experience in this field.

  20. Hi! My name is Keunyoung Sarah Kim, and I go by Sarah. Currently I’m a senior majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Asia. This is my last semester at Mason, and I hope to spend a year abroad in East Asia after I graudate – either China or South Korea teaching English and learning the language. This semester I’m taking HIST 387 – Modern Korea through Films, and CHIN 311 – Chinese Literature in Translation which should be pretty fun. I work at the Information Desk here at Mason, so if you see me at the JC or HUB info desk feel free to say hi! And I’m involved with an RSO called Epic, which a is Asian-American contextualized ministry of Cru.
    I’m looking forward to working on the social movement group project, and the research proposal project. I want to look more into merging of different cultures through globalization, especially on topic of Third Culture Kids.

  21. Hello,
    My name is Elif and I’m a Global Affairs major with concentration in Global Governance and minor in Business. I am Turkish and I moved to the U.S seven years ago. I’m now in my last semester at Mason hoping to pursue with the graduate school right after.
    I’m very interested in this subject and looking forward to this class!

  22. Hey everyone,
    My name is Bharti and I’m a senior in Global Affairs. I recently got back from France after pursuing some classes there and I’m ready to graduate! I’m fluent in 4 languages and I hope to continue learning a few more. Personally, I like learning about different cultures, origins and languages. Therefore, I’m looking forward to broadening my perspective about how globalization is affecting cultures and languages and I hope to learn that in this class.

    1. Hi Bharti,
      I joined the study broad program with Mason students during the winter vacation and I just came back from Europe as well! I really like France since Paris is an amazing city!

  23. Hello,

    My name is Salim Chadli, i am a junior majoring in Information systems and operations management with a minor in Global Affairs. I am from Morocco and travel quite a bit, i find it fun meeting new people and trying new things. I enjoy hearing new ideas and perspectives to expand my understanding of others around me. I hope to learn more about culture and engage in intellectual conversations.

  24. Hello Everyone,

    I’m Zahra. My major is Global Affairs like many of you. My interests are traveling and studying languages/cultures around the globe. I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and hold my blue belt rank currently. BJJ has opened my doors for me. I have started traveling to other countries and training with teams. Globalisation is something I see every day, especially with BJJ. I hope this class will teach me more about the growing international community.

    Looking forward to working with you all,

    1. Hi Zahra,
      That sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never heard of brazilian jiu-jitsu and that’s amazing that you’re traveling and learning about different cultures.

  25. Hello,

    My name is Sharon Kim and I’m currently a senior at George Mason. I recently switched my major to History from English but am excited to take this course as I received my associates as a global affairs major. I’m looking forward to this class and hope to grow as an individual and broaden my perspective on the world. I’m hoping to travel to Turkey this summer with my sister after she graduates from grad school!

  26. Hello everyone!

    I am Yang, a junior majoring in Global Affairs, and my concentration is international development. As an exchange student from China (Beijing is my hometown), I am studying in the United States under the China 1-2-1 student program that requires I spend my freshman year in China, my sophomore and junior years in the United States, and my senior year back in China. In addition, I had an internship at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C. last semester. And for this spring, I continue doing it as a scholar intern there.
    Although this semester will be my last semester at Mason, it is glad to meet all of you and I am really looking forward to this wonderful class!

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